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“DID YOU KNOW THAT 70% of doctor office and emergency room visits are unnecessary?”
(American Medical Association)

Tired of struggling to find adoctor’s appointment or rushing to the emergency room when you’re feeling sick? Tired of the enormous bills you face after seeing your physician for minor treatment? We have the technology and medical professionals that now allow you to receive the care you need without leaving home. If you are done with these kinds of problems, then MD Global is perfect for you.

How it Works

Take It with You Anywhere:

At home or traveling — simply give us a call and a doctor
will be ready for you.

There Is a Doctor in the House:

Receive 24/7 treatment access from a licensed Physician
without leaving your home.

Receive Lightning Fast Medical Service:

Make one call and talk to licensed Nurses and Physicians
ready to take care of you.

Don’t Miss Work While Waiting
for the Doctor:

No longer any need to take time off for a doctor’s office appointment.

Preventive Services:

Schedule CardioPro Annual Physical Examination to Prevent
Heart Attack or Stroke.

Genetic Evaluation:

Our Physicians can prescribe genetic testing on Nutrition, Fitness, Cardio
and even Oncology DNA tests — Unique for you just like your fingerprint.

Essential Nutrition:

MD Global offers an alternative method in the delivery of the supplements in our unique ANDS concept called All Natural Delivery System.

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Save Hundreds per Year
on Medical Costs.

Save time, save money with fewer visits to the emergency room, urgent care center or doctor’s office. MD Global service is much less-expensive. Reduce healthcare costs and save time and other resources without compromising quality of care.

Get an Affordable Peace of Mind
for Your WHOLE Family!

When you join MD Global family we would take care of your whole family, including kids at home, boarding school or college when they need it 24/7. With MD Global you can rest assured that you and your loved ones, where ever they may be, have access to a doctor at all times.

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Top 5 Reasons for getting
Genetic Evaluation

  1. Improve patients outcomes and prevent more serious health issues.
  2. Empower patients with full knowledge of genetics.
  3. Fast results within 2-3 weeks on all tests.
  4. Non invasive saliva collection.
  5. Review your personal test results through the APP and on any mobile device.

Advanced Cardiac

Cardio Pro is your solution for an Advanced Cardiac Analysis which leading physicians are using for preventive patient care. Heart attacks and heart disease are among the leading causes of preventable deaths every year, and millions of Americans are affected directly or indirectly by them.

MD Global Daily Essentials

MD Global Essential products is unique innovative food/candy delivery system rather than the standard capsule, tablet, liquid, gummy, or inhalation form that is offered today society.

There are more than 50,000 dietary supplements available. More than half of the U.S. adult population (55%) consume dietary supplements.

Our concept is to aid or offer an alternative method in the delivery of the supplements in our unique ANDS concept called All Natural Delivery System.

Mission Statement

Changing Healthcare, Changing Lives. Creating Affordable Peace of Mind, One Family at a Time Around the World.

Quality healthcare secures every person’s right to live. Denying reasonable and competent service when a person needs it is equivalent to threatening his or her life. Reducing someone’s existence to whether or not they can pay to preserve it needs to end. That is why we provide the opportunity for the world to access the care people need, exactly when they need it, and at a price that is sustainable for themselves and their families.

Convenient Medical Care for You and Your Family

Join MD Global to receive professional medical treatment for you and your family without leaving home, all for a simple monthly subscription. We eliminate in-person doctor visits for all non-emergency health ailments with our groundbreaking Health Concierge service and smartphone app. Make a call or access our app to speak with a
qualified Nurse in minutes. We will then connect you to one of our licensed Physicians forimmediate treatment or assist you in selecting
an appropriate Specialist in your area. With our FREE mobile app you can easily upload medical records, find specialists in your area, receive medication prescriptions for pickup, and many other services for
your health needs. Click on the button below to download
the MD Global app and Join Us TODAY!

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