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Part 2: The Kidneys .. ‘Unsung Powerhouses’ .. How Do They Keep Us Alive?

November 25, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs located at the back of the upper abdomen just below the rib cage. The ureters connect the kidneys to the bladder. The kidneys are remarkable, unsung powerhouses of the body that flush out waste products into urine and redirect vital substances back into the bloodstream. They

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Part 1: The Remarkable Kidneys — How Do They Work To Keep Us Alive?

November 15, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board We take many things for granted when things are moving along smoothly. However, when things aren’t flowing normally, we become concerned. Why do I have a burning sensation on urination? Why is the color of the urine pink? Why do I have pain above my right hip and back? What’s causing my high blood pressure? My doctor told me I

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Nosebleeds… Seven Steps You Can Take To Stop The Bleeding

November 05, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board Nosebleeds are a common problem that can occur at «any time, in any place and in any season.» The gamut of nosebleeds can vary from a minor annoyance to a life-threatening hemorrhage. The vast majority of nosebleeds, also called epistaxis, stop spontaneously and do not require a visit to your doctor’s office or the Emergency Department (ED) of a hospital. There are things

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Groundbreaking First Pill to Treat: “Postpartum Depression” — Zuranolone

October 25, 2023

Joseph R, Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board Welcoming a child into the family is usually a joyous occasion. But for one in eight women, per CDC, during pregnancy or soon after giving birth, that time is anything but joyous. Peripartum and postpartum depression is a major subtype of depression. Today, better awareness, understanding and diagnosis of this condition has removed some of the guilt, confusion and

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‘Ten Tips’ to Protect Yourself Against “Respi” — Respiratory Infections

October 15, 2023

Joseph R, Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that influenza was associated with 10,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 deaths in the United States during the 2021-2022 season. What’s noteworthy, is that these figures represent a remarkable decrease in hospitalizations and deaths due to influenza, when compared to the previous eight years in the U. S. Could the heightened

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CDC Vaccine Update for the 2023 Fall and Winter “Respi” Season

October 05, 2023

Joseph R, Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board From January to December 2022, COVID-19 was the primary or contributing cause of approximately 244,000 deaths in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. On September 12 of this year, the CDC recommended that “everyone 6 months and older get an updated COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccination remains the best protection against COVID-19 related hospitalization and

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Psoriatic Arthritis Pictures of PsA

September 25, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a type of chronic inflammatory arthritis that causes joint swelling, pain and stiffness. It’s associated with psoriasis, a skin condition characterized by red, thick, itchy, scaly patches. Both inflammatory arthritis and psoriasis are an autoimmune disease, meaning the immune system mistakenly attacks its own healthy tissues leading to joint inflammation and

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Prenatal Vitamins and Nutrition During Pregnancy

September 15, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board Years ago, I was examining a young woman whom I had known since she was a teenager. She was happily employed as a social worker. “How are you doing? How’s the family?” “Everybody’s fine, thanks for asking.” In the middle of the examination she said; “John and I have been married for two years and we’re ready

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The ABCDs of Breast Density: What Is It? Could Dense Breast Tissue Increase the Risk of Cancer?

September 05, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board Breast cancer is the second common cancer in the United States after skin cancer. It’s more common than lung, prostate, or colorectal cancers. It accounts for 14% of cancers in the U. S. with 300,900 new cases anticipated in 2023 according to the National Cancer Institute. Early diagnosis, and treatment are keys to successful outcomes in women with breast cancer.

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Bladder Cancer How the Type, Size, and Location of Bladder Cancer Influence Your Survival

August 25, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board In January of 2023, the American Cancer Society estimated there’ll be about 82,290 new cases of bladder cancer, and about 16,710 deaths from bladder cancer in the United States. Men are about three times more likely to be stricken by bladder cancer (BLCA) than women. A previous article discussed the symptoms, and diagnosis of bladder cancer. This article

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