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Low Back Pain — Red Flags, Symptoms, and Causes

June 05, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory board Years ago, a colleague of mine was removing leaves from a rain gutter, slipped off the ladder, fell, and landed on his back. He was rushed to the hospital complaining of excruciating lower back pain. The ED physician took his medical history, and noted the physical examination was normal except for hypersensitivity in the lumbar- sacral region

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Liquid Biopsies In Cancer: Seek and Destroy

May 25, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia MD Medical Advisory Board The best chance for patience winning the battle against cancer, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, is early detection, and precise, treatment of this death-dealing disease. Liquid biopsy, (LB), is a term first used around 2010. It’s a blood test that detects and analyzes circulating tumor cells and their products released by cancer cells into the blood.

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May 15, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia MD Medical Advisory Board On Friday, May 5th of this year, WHO declared COVID-19 is no longer a global health emergency. On Saturday, the day after the announcement, Dennis, a 68 year old retired dentist, tested positive for COVID. Dennis had read the headlines about COVID-19: Nursing Homes — No Mask Requirements; the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services declare an end of the COVID-19 as

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Tumor Biomarkers and Angellina Jolie

May 05, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia MD Medical Advisory Board “I choose not to keep my story private, because there are many women who do not know that they might be living under the shadow of cancer. It is my hope that they, too, will be able to get gene tested, and that if they have a high risk they, too, will know that they have strong options,” said Jolie. Angelina

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Biomarkers Are Essential Medical Tools

April 25, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board A biomarker, in medicine, is anything that can be used to measure the health status of a person. A wide range of biomarkers is available to determine whether a person is healthy or sick. For instance, some are as simple as taking your pulse, body temperature, or measuring your blood pressure. Other biomarkers can be more complex, such as biological molecules used to identify genetic changes in cancer cells.

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Allergy Season — Allergy Prevention: Allergy Is Bustin’ Out All Over

April 15, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board Jennifer’s 11 year old son was diagnosed with seasonal allergies four years ago. She’s wondering why her son is showing allergy symptoms earlier in the year compared to previous years. Also, his symptoms seems to last into the late summer. Mom is worried because his allergies triggered asthmatic attacks causing him to miss four days

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“Snapshot” Medicare’s $35 Out-Of-Pocket Insulin

April 05, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board Over 3.3 million Americans on Medicare use insulin. In August 2022, President Joe Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act which included caps on out-of-pocket insulin costs to $35 per month for each insulin product covered by a person’s Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, or Medicare Advantage plan. The law took effect on January 1, 2023. For

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Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

March 25, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board As noted in a previous post, “The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped endocrine gland located in the neck below the Adam’s apple and in front of the windpipe It consists of right and left thyroid lobes joined together by a narrow strip of thyroid tissue called the isthmus. Thyroid cancer is a disease in which malignant) cells divide, and multiply without control in thyroid

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Thyroid Cancer and Jared Kushner. Four Major Types of Thyroid Cancer

March 15, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board Jared Kushner, the 42 year old former White House senior advisor, and son-in-law of ex-President Donald J. Trump, revealed in his 2022 book “Breaking History” that he had been treated for thyroid cancer. He was diagnosed as having thyroid cancer in October 2019 when a biopsy performed at Walter Reed Hospital tested positive for thyroid cancer. His

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Shingles (Herpes Zoster) — The “Chickenpox Sequel”

March 05, 2023

Joseph R. Anticaglia, MD Medical Advisory Board Shingles is a common viral infection that targets the skin, and nerve fibers. It causes a painful rash-blister due to the same virus that causes chickenpox (varicella-zoster virus). After a person recovers from chickenpox, the virus usually remains dormant or inactive in the body for the rest of his life; but for an unknown reason it can become reactivated

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