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Income is FREEDOM

Our compensation plan is simple. Sign up new customers and get paid! Many people are intimidated by “sales”, but selling MD Global is as easy as telling a friend their family can have access to a physician 24/7.

As you establish relationships with your customers, you can earn new rewards along the way. The freedom of owning your own business. Extra monthly income. The potential to grow and earn is limitless!

For more details, check out our two-page Associate Presentation Flyer.

Quick Start Income

MD Global pays BIG every time you enroll a new customer. We also pay Special Bonuses when you help new personally-sponsored Health Consultants enroll new accounts.

There are many ways to grow your business, while receiving generous bonuses and incentives all along the way.

Leadership Income

You can earn Leadership Bonuses to unlimited levels by meeting certain promotion requirements and reaching any of three leadership positions. At each position, you’re able to build a new leadership organization and earn bonuses attached to it.

Leadership Bonuses can be earned for new Health Consultants on every level of your organization. There are unlimited ways to be successful with MD Global!

Unlimited Monthly Income

You can build monthly income by enrolling and maintaining customers and helping the HCs in your leadership organization do the same. In essence, there are no limits to the monthly income you can earn!

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Build Relationships. GET BETTER HEALTHCARE. Earn Income.

When you become a Health Consultant, you’ll receive your very own web site. This site will help you share the opportunity and inform others about our company and products.

MD Global has already invested tremendous effort and to build its network and processes. We have regular meetings, conference calls, and events not just to keep you in the loop, but to also teach you new ways to build your business.

As you continue to build relationships and refer friends to MD Global, you’ll get closer to earning significant income. Some of those customers will become interested in MD Global Opportunity and want to become HCs as well. When you bring them on board, you earn even more bonuses and residual monthly income. The more you share, the larger your monthly income grows.


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Access to a board certified physician and 24/7 for every member of your family (including kids in college) will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year, increase productivity and most importantly give you and your family an affordable peace of mind when it is most needed. Since everyone is looking for ways to save on healthcare costs, MD Global affordable solution speaks for themselves. You’ll never run out of products or have to deal with managing inventory.

Joining The MD Global Opportunity is easy. Every Health Consultant is valuable to us, and there are countless ways to earn, save, and grow your very own business.


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When you think about your #1 topic of conversation for security of your family it is always HEALTHCARE. American Medical Association recently declared that over 70% of all emergency and Urgent Care calls were unnecessary and could have been treated over the phone. What was once only available to sport celebrities is now available for your family and families of your friends and relatives.


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When you choose to join as Health Consultant, you become the No. 1 draft pick for a powerful team. We’re here to help you succeed.

For most Health Consultants, selling MD Global Concierge Services is as simple as telling friends and family about an easy way to save money on their Healthcare.

Becoming a Health Consultant is a big step, but it’s a step in the right direction. It means moving towards the possibility of earning a new monthly income stream. Enjoying what you do. Building the freedom and flexibility, and having more fun.

Most of all, your business belongs to you. Starting your own business has never been so simple, and we’re here to help you be successful every step of the way.