Changing Healthcare.
Changing Lives.

At MD Global we know how important is quality Primary Care for American Families. We developed unique approach to deliver both preventive and priority quality care while helping our members significantly cut annual medical expenses. Our affiliated physicians across the country will develop a wellness plan specifically designed for you and your loved ones based on futuristic approach, such as your genetic information, comprehensive lab testing and will treat you in high priority when necessary.

In addition to all benefits of MD Global Health Concierge 24/7 service, MDconcierge™ Priority Primary Care membership will provide you and your family tremendous benefits. Let’s list a few:

  • Priority Appointments by Top in the field Physicians.
    • Our affiliated Physicians are selected based on their experience, past achievements and quality of service. Our members will be treated in priority same-day for their convenience.
  • Scientific approach to Primary Care and Preventive methods to health.
    • If you are in good health in general or have some chronic condition it is important to build a wellness plan custom designed specifically for you. Your assigned Primary Care physician will study valuable data from comprehensive lab exams, including genetic information, and perform annual physical examination. Then physician will develop wellness, nutrition and fitness plan, which would be monitored throughout the year.
    • Heart attacks, Strokes and Cancer are the biggest killers in our days. Unfortunately, healthcare in the United States has been following a reactive approach to care usually when disease is already active. Our doctors follow preventive approach, recommending futuristic testing such as specific genetic evaluations based on specific health history and/or comprehensive lab testing to prevent those killer condition before they appear.