Doctor Column

‘Thumb’ Arthritis (Osteoarthritis)

May 05, 2019

Joseph R. Anticaglia MD Medical Advisory Board Sharon, a 53 y/o writer asked her husband to, “Look at my thumb. The right thumb is bigger than the left.” “Does it hurt?” … “Not now, but after typing for a few hours at the computer, it becomes stiff and achy.” Many months later, Sharon noticed small bumps on her finger joints. She ignored having difficulty turning the key

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Vitamin K and Bleeding — “What is Vitamin K Good For?”

April 25, 2019

Joseph R. Anticaglia MD Medical Advisory Board We’ve all had a bloody nose, scraped a knee or cut a finger at one time or another. A remarkable feat happens when liquid blood turns into a solid mass forming a blood clot and the bleeding stops. If a wound, internal or external does not clot, the bleeding continues leading to shock and a catastrophic ending! Surgeons are particularly attentive to the

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Measles: “Deja Vu?”

April 15, 2019

Joseph R. Anticaglia MDMedical Advisory Board Someone said, it seems like “deja vu, all over again” for measles. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, has confirmed 387 individual cases of measles in 15 states from January 1 to March 28, 2019. What is the reason or reasons for the current measles’ outbreak?” In

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Vitamin D — Are You Getting Enough of It?

April 05, 2019

Joseph R. Anticaglia MDMedical Advisory Board When I was about five years old, my mother would open the kitchen cabinet door, take out a dark bottle and come towards me with a spoon in her hand. She didn’t have to say anything. — Oh, no. cod liver oil! Yuk!— It’s good for you— I don’t care. Little did I realize or care about the benefits of vitamin D salvaged from

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Vitamin Basics — The Surprising Story of Vitamins

March 25, 2019

Joseph R. Anticaglia MDMedical Advisory Board Today, we don’t blink an eye when we buy vitamin D fortified milk, vitamin B1 (thiamine) enriched cereals, iodized salt or other enriched foods. Yet, it took centuries before researchers started to figure out the biochemical composition of food and minerals and how they impacted our health. The prevailing

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“Am I Going to Get Cancer?” Cancer in Families

March 15, 2019

Joseph R. Anticaglia MDMedical Advisory Board JoAnn, a 67 year old retired secretary, experienced abdominal pain that at times radiated to the back which she dismissed as indigestion. Usually energetic, she uncharacteristically complained of fatigue and, from time to time, itchiness “all over my body.” On several occasions JoAnn’s daughter, Ashley, urged her mother to

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Powerful Warning Signs of Cancer — Red Flags to Look For

March 05, 2019

Joseph R. Anticaglia MDMedical Advisory Board The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2018 there will be close to 610,000 deaths in the United States due to cancer and approximately 1,735,000 new cases of cancer. The early diagnosis of cancer increases dramatically the cure rates and the five year survival rates of this disease. There

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“I’m Blushing… Why Can’t I Stop Myself from Blushing?”

February 25, 2019

Joseph R. Anticaglia MDMedical Advisory Board Charles Darwin considered blushing to be “the most peculiar and most human of all expressions.” Mark Twain said: “Man is he only animal that blushes. Or needs to.” Patricia, a high school student said: “Whenever a teacher asks me a question, I can’t stop myself from blushing.” Blushing is

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“Can the Rainbow Diet Help Prevent Cancer?” — “Roy G. Biv?”

February 15, 2019

Joseph R. Anticaglia MDMedical Advisory Board Former Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop MD, in a report dealing with “Diet” said: “If you do not smoke or drink excessively, your choice of diet can influence your long-term health more than any other action you may take.” Dr. Koop’s comment brought me back to the days in

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The Cancer Enigma: “If There’s No Magic Bullet, is Prevention the Cure?”

February 05, 2019

Joseph R. Anticaglia MDMedical Advisory Board Nobel Prize laureate Paul Ehrlich coined the term “magic bullet” in 1900, meaning a way to kill (bullet) a specific target (magic). He thought it might be possible to target and kill bacteria with a single agent without hurting the body itself. His hypothesis became a reality nine years

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